At iTechshark, we have created a program to maximize the value of your current iPad. Whether you’re looking to earn cash or store credit that can be used towards the purchase of a new Apple product, we are your one-stop shop to sell your used iPad.

We appreciate the value of second-hand Apple products, such as the iPad. So whether you’ve grown weary of your current device, need a new one for school or work, or simply want the cash, we are your solution.


With iTechshark, you get two selling options, giving you the freedom to choose what it best for you. We offer extremely competitive, on-the-spot cash payments or you can opt for our store credit option which earns you a 10% bonus for your device. Use this credit on one of our certified pre-owned iPad, iPhone or Mac… it’s your choice!!!


We operate five stores in the St. Louis area providing you with more options and less stress. If you’re in the area, simply walk in, complete your sales transaction in a safe, friendly, professional environment, then walk out with cash. It’s that easy!!!


Our staff is fully trained to offer you top dollar for your iPad based on model, specifications and condition. Our business is transparent and fair and our staff will ensure that you walk out comfortable and satisfied.

You have many choices when deciding what to do with your previously used iPad… make iTechshark your first stop and you’ll be glad you did.

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