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Data Recovery


We Are What You Are Looking For,
Your Local Computer Repair

We bring affordable, pleasant experiences and options to a wide customer base. We save you time, money and most of all hassle. We offer an easy and friendly environment filled with patient and understanding staff to help the newest users while also being knowledgeable enough to work with the most experienced users. We can work with anyone to help find a happy solution for whatever technology challenges arise in your very busy everyday lives.

Services We Provide

1. General Diagnostics
2. New system setup
3. Virus Removal
4. General Operating System issues
5. Cleaning services
6. Custom PC build
7. Data Recovery (case by case basis)
8. Desktop/Laptop repair
9. Data Removal/Destruction
10. Educate on best practices

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We provide of expert desktop repair services, including hardware and software repair, performance and custom build pc, all at affordable prices!

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