Fast, affordable repairs for your damaged iPad

We are a leading local destination for iPad repair St. Louis. We repair all models of iPads - almost any type of damage, including cracked screens, damaged hardware, exterior damage, malware and more.

If you have a damaged iPad, call us first! Repairing your iPad may be much cheaper than buying a new one. We'll perform a thorough diagnosis to determine what's wrong and provide a cost estimate for the repairs.

Models we repair:
  • Apple iPad (first generation)
  • Apple iPad 2
  • Apple iPad 3
  • Apple iPad 4
  • Apple iPad Air
Why choose us?
  • Experts in iPad repair St. Louis!
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Fast and affordable
Save money - don't replace your iPad!

Repairing your iPad may be far cheaper than buying a new device. Before you visit the Apple Store, bring your iPad to us. Our technicians will inspect the damage to determine the exact cost of the repairs. No hassle, no hidden fees. Replacing the screen and other components is more affordable than you might think. We'll explain exactly what needs to be done to repair your tablet and go over the costs. If you decide to have it repaired, we'll work fast to get it back in your hands as quickly as possible.

Contact us for an estimate

Let's face it - brand-new iPads aren't cheap. When accidents happen, it can be scary. But the good news is your iPad is probably repairable. Let us take a look and get your iPad back to normal.

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