The iTechshark Difference

iTechshark, I've noticed your prices are a lot lower than your competitors. Why's that? Are you using cheap parts?

Short answer: nope, we use the highest quality parts on the market.

Long answer: for our founders, iTechshark isn't about profit margins. It's about helping people, and it's also about providing employment for those in the St. Louis area who have a passion for Apple products. The best way to do both of those things? Put the customer first by providing a high quality product.

Not only do we use the highest quality products on the market - we also offer a lifetime guarantee on our repair work.

Some Facts About the Parts We Use

At iTechshark, we use the highest quality parts on the market - and this comes at a cost. A lot of similar repair companies end up using low quality aftermarket parts in order to maximize their profit margins and stay in business. Franchises have to pay franchise fees, small companies have to stay afloat, and large companies have to pay a variety of other expenses. Corporations? They're busy pushing their profit through to the salaries of executives who look at customers as a number.

The iTechshark Difference

iTechshark is different at it's core. Most startups rely on investors - and investors understandably want to get their money back. Investors make money by investing - so they not only want to get their money back, but they want to get it back as soon as possible, and they want as much as possible. This leads to companies working to please investors, instead of customers.

iTechshark? We're owned by a single person from St. Louis. One person, one hundred percent ownership. When we want to launch a new service, we don't go through the red tape that comes with board members, investors, and founders - we just go out and get it done.

About iTechshark's Technicians

We see it all the time - customers walking through our doors, looking for someone to repair their device. Their device that had been previously repaired elsewhere. When we open up the device, there's missing screws, pieces in the wrong place, and in the worst cases, obvious damage.

We want to be better - we want to show you that your device was repaired properly. That's why we video tape every repair and document it for both our customers, and to train future employees.

Every iTechshark expert is extensively trained by our senior technician. Their training course covers a variety of common and uncommon problems that a technician may come across - and they have to have a certain number of hours complete before they're authorized to even touch your device.

We have great expectations for our employees. We train them to be experts, they work hard, and they get paid well in return. We don't use part-time employees either - we want fully committed, passionate people. When we hire someone to the iTechshark team, we're hiring them with a long-term vision in mind.