Why You Should Buy A Refurbished iPad

Why You Should Buy A Refurbished iPad


Why You Should Buy A Refurbished iPad!


Apple iPads can be quite expensive. Why don't you purchase a refurbished iPad? There are many benefits that go along with it.

Ever since the iPhone first came out in 2008 - and some would argue long before that - Apple has taken the world by storm with its kick-ass product range.

But the tech giant isn't exactly known to be cheap. In fact, many users complain about how their devices have been steadily becoming more expensive over the years, which is likely how they managed to become the first trillion dollar company.

For the end user, however, the premium price tag puts most Apple tech squarely out of reach.

With new devices now fetching a thousand bucks or more, shopping second hand or refurbished is the only affordable option for many customers.

Here's everything you need to know about buying a refurbished iPad.

What Is A Used iPad?

Whether it be off eBay or a guy you met at the bar, buying a used iPad is a risky proposition indeed.

Granted, you'll be able to snag one at a super cheap rate. Perhaps even as much as 50% off the R.R.P.

However, you'll be putting yourself at significant risk as well.

Without going through a certified refurbishment, a used iPad could suffer from any number of issues. It may look fine cosmetically, but internal issues or circuitry problems could arise that render your device useless.

And in many cases, that means you've completely lost your investment, which is money down the drain.

But there's no need to be blinded by the cheaper price of a used iPad when a much safer refurbished option costs only slightly more.

What Is a Refurbished iPad?

More often than not, a refurbished iPad is pretty much new. It could have been the display model at a store, a returned item, a defected model which has since been fixed, or perhaps a barely used corporate model.

What all certified refurbished iPads do have in common is that they're guaranteed to be in "like new" condition. In other words, you'll scarcely be able to tell that it's been used at all.

Best of all, this doesn't just apply to its aesthetics. A refurbished iPad has been thoroughly tested to ensure all its parts are in full working order.

How Do We Refurbish iPads?

At iTechShark, our refurbishment process is undertaken by a qualified in-house professional with expert technical knowledge of the interior workings of the product.

First of all, the technician will rigorously test all the working components of the device to ensure it is in full working order. Should they detect any defects, these will be properly repaired until full working order has been restored.

In many cases, this requires brand new replacement parts to be ordered in and installed. As a result, several sections of a refurbished iPad could be brand new.

The next step is to restore the device to a like-new aesthetic condition. We'll usually start by buffing any scratch marks out of the case. If the results aren't satisfactory, we'll replace the case entirely. Consequently, a refurbished iPad's outer shell is also often literally brand new.

Another critical step is performing a thorough clean up job, removing smudge marks from the screen and any build-up of dirt from the input slots. We'll also use a high-pressure air gun to remove any dust from within the device itself.

In most cases, we'll replace the battery with an entirely new one. As they degrade so quickly over time, batteries tend to be the first part to fail. Getting an entirely new battery with your refurbished iPad means it'll be good to go for several years.

Finally, we'll attach an entirely new serial number to the unit, which provides all sorts of consumer protections.

Is My Refurbished iPad Safe?

Consumers can rest assured that a refurbished iPad has been extensively tested and that all parts are in full working order.

However, there's another key layer of protection added into the mix as well.

Certified iPad refurbs receive a one year warranty from the date of purchase. Should your device suffer any technical difficulties during that time, then send it back, and we'll promptly replace it with a new one. You won't even have to pay for the shipping costs.

Refurbished iPads also receive a subscription to AppleCare +, which provides a wide range of support services to complement your purchase.

How Are Refurbished iPads Packaged?

In order to provide our customers with that satisfying new product feel, we sell our refurbished stock in a new box, complete with instructions and a cable.

The official refurbished box has some minor differences from the new iPad box, although they're pretty hard to spot by the untrained eye. This is done simply to stop unscrupulous operators from flogging refurbished iPads off as new.

Other than that, there's very little indication your refurbished product is not, in fact, brand new.

Should I Buy a Refurbished iPad?

Unless you happen to be loaded, the short answer is yes.

Think of a refurbished iPad is the ultimate halfway house. A new iPad is crazy expensive, while a second-hand device stop might working the moment you get home. A refurb, however, is only slightly more expensive than a used device yet comes with almost all the same protections as purchasing one brand new.

And for the avid environmentalist, know that you'll be recycling and reducing the amount of heavy metals hitting our landfills.

It's a no-brainer, really.

Where Should I Buy One From?

Many consumers make their way to the Apple store to shop for refurbished goods. However, as is typical of the tech giant, Apple doesn't offer the best deal. If you take a quick browse of their store, you'll notice their refurbished devices sell for a small discount on the original price, which hardly makes the whole ordeal worthwhile.

Generally speaking, it's best to buy from a trusted small business.

Buying refurbished iPads from a reputable dealer like us can cost up to 40% less than a new model on the apple store. Check out our catalog to find the perfect refurbished iPad for you today!

Jon Miskov posted at February 25th, 2019

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